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Comprehensive Needs Assessment of STEM Instructional Programs

What impacts do science and math interventions have on classrooms, schools, and students? How should we best address the needs of diverse students? MAEC provides a wide variety of services to help institutions evaluate their efforts to improve math and science education. From individual student learning and engagement to statewide trends in achievement, we work with clients to identify goals, design assessments, collect and analyze data, measure outcomes, and create practical recommendations for new courses of action.

Strategic Planning and Program Design

MAEC assists schools, districts, and states in bringing key stakeholders together to identify needs, set priorities, and make realistic plans for STEM reform efforts. MAEC staff has expertise in STEM education research, organizational change, program management, and evaluation. MAEC's experienced development team often partners with districts and universities on new projects and proposals to secure STEM-education grants from NSF, the U.S. Department of Education, and other funding sources.

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