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To build family-educator partnerships to support student
well-being and achievement.

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The Corner CAFE Podcast Episode 2 out now!

Learn about NAFSCE’s Family Engagement Core Competencies, best practices for engaging families, emerging trends in Family Engagement, and more on this episode of The Corner CAFE Podcast.

The Corner CAFE Podcast Episode 2 out now!

Students experiencing homelessness often share that their daily school routine provides a sense of stability amidst external challenges and uncertainties. While summer may provide a welcome break from homework, it also can leave students and families experiencing homelessness feeling disconnected from school-based learning and supports. Now is the time for schools and community partners to plan their summer break support. Join us as we explore this topic and related strategies to ensure that students who experience homelessness have equitable access to the resources they need over the summer.

Who Are We?

Collaborative Action for Family Engagement (CAFE)

Md PaCAFE is MAEC's Statewide Family Engagement Center for the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. We help build sustainable infrastructure to support healthy family, student, and community engagement. CAFE serves all educators – from state agencies to school districts to school staff and early care providers – and families by developing resources, co-designing learning opportunities, and fostering dialogue designed to help families connect with local schools and support their children’s development and learning.


CAFE implements a co-constructed approach, working alongside our clients, to ensure the effectiveness of our work. Below are examples of the services we offer:

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State Education Agencies

- Develop and implement a seamless birth to 21 family engagement framework.
- Establish an advisory committee in each state.

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LEAs, Local school systems, Learning communities, Community-based organizations, Educators

- Create partnerships with families, schools, and communities.
- Facilitate parent academies.
- Convene communities of practice.

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- Provide opportunities for leadership development.
- Support for literacy skills development.
- Create resources to promote school readiness and academic achievement.

Featured Projects

Queen Anne's County: Strengthening Community through Family and Student Growth

MAEC and the National Center for Family Learning (NCFL) partner with a school to implement two-generational literacy programs for low-income families, predominantly immigrants and English learners, in Queen Anne's County, MD. This program expands parents' role in their children's education, connects families with free WiFi, and supports positive community relationships.

teacher and parent sitting at computer
Facilitating Family/Educator Partnerships

MAEC and Academic Parent Teacher Teams facilitate strong relationships between families and teachers in Indiana County, PA. Through team and individual meetings, teachers and parents practice activities to improve their students' continuum of learning from school to home, leading to student success in key concepts.

Family engagement needs to be more than a series of random acts. It requires a systemic, integrated, and comprehensive approach to working with families in support of children’s learning.

Susan Shaffer,
President, MAEC

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