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Family, School, and
Community Engagement (FSCE)

Supporting student success is like
launching a rocket:

The success of the launch depends on frequent, coordinated communication among a support team. Everyone on that team – teachers, families, administrators, students, and community members – has a role to play in a successful launch. All students deserve the opportunity to succeed.

Creating these partnerships has historically been challenging due to systemic racism, socioeconomic barriers, language access issues, and other obstacles. Family engagement is a way to break down barriers and create equitable opportunity for all.

When families, students, and school communities work together, everyone benefits.

Strong family, school, and community engagement (FSCE) improves teachers’ performance and job satisfaction, improves students’ attitudes and test scores, and supports families’ engagement and understanding of their student’s education.


CAFE serves educators and families by equipping them with the strategies, techniques, and guidance that will lead to strong partnerships and successful student outcomes.

We collaborate with all educators – from state agencies to school districts to school staff and early care providers – to develop systems where stakeholders in students’ academic success and social-emotional well-being work together as partners, hold themselves mutually accountable, and have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed at improving achievement for all students.


Interested in learning about reframing the conversation around family, school, and community engagement? Check out the work NAFSCE and the FrameWorks Institute have been doing.

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