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Annual Report

Dear Friends and Fellow Equity Advocates,

For almost two years, we have dealt with uncertainty, turbulence, and one crisis after another. We faced the challenges of managing the pandemic and coped with the loss, isolation, and trauma that it caused. At MAEC, we continued our work addressing multiple social inequities and injustices, including the politicization of issues as disparate as critical race theory and school masking policies, while adjusting to virtual learning. These social conditions are all part of the new normal of education.

MAEC remains true to its focus of educating all children—no matter their race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, language, country of origin, religion, socioeconomic status, or level of ability. This responsibility is the anchor for our efforts to advance democracy regardless of any backlash we may experience.

We are blessed with a dedicated staff, low turnover, and a leadership team that works closely together. Even during a pandemic and a period of intense social unrest, we made progress by hiring new staff, appointing a new vice president, collaborating organization-wide on a strategic plan, and continuing to provide excellent services to our clients.

Through these efforts, we formed new partnerships, diversified our funding streams, and expanded our platform to fulfill our mission. At the same time, we recognize that equity is a journey, not a destination. Our work goes on and our organization continues to evolve.

In the next year, we will continue to collaborate with our clients, building relationships rooted in trust, to meet the urgent issues in education such as polarization, censorship, resource inequities, staff shortages, and diverse hiring. MAEC will deliver more data-driven approaches to eliminate inequities and provide culturally responsive and sustained implementation services to successfully support historically marginalized students and their families.

As we approach and celebrate MAEC’s 30th anniversary, I am confident that we are ready to meet current and new challenges and our organization will continue to grow and thrive.

Stay well and safe,

Susan Shaffer
President and Co-Founder, MAEC

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