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Racial Diversity in the Teacher Workforce  (January 2019)  Karmen Rouland, CEE’s Associate Director of Technical Assistance & Training, talks with educators and professionals in the education field on teacher retention and recruitment for teachers of color. Each guest discusses their experiences and how to overcome the barriers from the teacher pipeline. Podcast Speakers:   Karmen… Read More »

“Our public school populations will become majority minority in a decade or so. It is critical that classrooms have effective teachers that reflect the spectrum of diversity that exists in our world.” Continuing the discussion raised in Part I, Zollie Stevenson, Jr., PhD identifes how some school working conditions may be driving teachers of color… Read More »

Download: Exploring Equity - Teacher Pipeline Part II

What’s the likelihoodthat a student of color will have the opportunity to learn from a teacher of color? Currently, teachers of color make up approximately 18% of the United States’ total teaching force. Students of color make up 54% of the total student population. Jacob Easley II, Ph.D., describes the state of teacher diversity in… Read More »

Download: Exploring Equity - Teacher Pipeline Part I

Part of CEE’s Exploring Equity Issues series, this paper provides an overview of the over and under- identification of English Learners (ELs) with disabilities and the contributing factors. Recommendations for appropriate identification are also discussed.  

Download: Exploring Equity - ELs and Special Ed
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Engaging in data inquiry through an equity lens can help us better understand problems of practice – and identify solutions – that make schools more equitable. This webinar demonstrates the benefits of putting equity at the center of data use in schools and shares the publication that the Center for Education Equity (CEE) created to… Read More »

Incidences of identity-based bullying are on the rise. While schools may focus on combating bullying in general terms, it is important to consider the manner in which students are targeted as a result of their identity. Using several strategies, educators can “cultivate positive attitudes toward different identity groups,” thereby increasing understanding and decreasing bias.

Download: Exploring Equity - Identity and Bias

Part of CEE’s Exploring Equity Issues series, this paper provides an overview of how education leaders collect and use data to address questions related to equity, identify the root causes of their problems, and make decisions to implement change. Finally, there is a discussion on the need to examine how school district’s policies and practices… Read More »

Download: Exploring Equity - Educators Use Data and Find Solutions to Improve Equity

Part of CEE’s Exploring Equity Issues series, this paper defines community engagement and offers strategies on ways schools and communities can work together to support student achievement.

Download: Exploring Equity - Community Engagement for Student Success

Part of CEE’s Exploring Equity Issues series, this paper discusses racial socialization and the importance of giving students safe spaces to discuss their racialized experiences in the classroom. It follows with strategies that teachers can use to help cultivate psychologically safe spaces for race talk.

Download: Exploring Equity - Facilitating Race Talk in the Classroom

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