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We turn equity from a value into an integrated and sustainable practice.


MAEC’s mission is to promote excellence and equity in education to achieve social justice.


MAEC envisions a day when all students have equitable opportunities to learn and achieve at high levels.

Core Values

Excellence, Equity, Integrity, Innovation, and Synergy

Theory of Change

MAEC believes that by increasing educator awareness, understanding, and skills to address factors which contribute to inequities, clients will become change agents and create positive learning environments where all students can succeed. Our theory is based on a deep analysis of root causes of racial, cultural, linguistic, gender, and ethnic inequities in education. Current structural, cultural, and material policies and procedures impede low-income, African American, and Latino students (including English Learners) from achieving in school.

Theory of Action

MAEC believes that if we co-create an environment that enables clients to develop a common aim and work collaboratively to design and implement an action plan based on specific needs, and we provide technical assistance and training on effective strategies, then clients are able to develop and use equitable policies and practices to create optimal conditions for teaching and learning. Results may include: increased student access to high quality teachers and curriculum, student engagement, equitable disciplinary policies and practices, and academic achievement of low-income, racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse students. We turn equity from a value into an integrated and sustainable practice.


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