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The Corner CAFE Podcast

Families, schools, and communities in Maryland and Pennsylvania are looking for strategies to increase family engagement. On The Corner CAFE Podcast, we sit down with family engagement experts to discuss the ideas, best practices, and strategies that they use so that the rest of us can do the same. Brought to you by Collaborative Action for Family Engagement (CAFE) at MAEC.

The EquiTable Podcast

EquiTable aims to raise awareness among educators, parents, and school districts about issues pertaining to equitable education. By creating an open forum, it fosters honest discussions surrounding the multiple interconnected factors contributing to educational inequity. Each episode provides a platform for rigorous discourse, featuring insights and solutions proposed by professionals and community members actively engaged in the field. EquiTable is a podcast by MAEC's Center for Education Equity (CEE).

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The Corner CAFE Podcast: APTT

Episode #105

Guests: Faith Burtamekh, Maria Paredes, Nikevia Thomas, Jessica Webster

Discover the effective strategies of Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT) in this episode of the Corner CAFE Podcast, where WestEd experts Faith Burtamekh and Maria Paredes share insights on data-driven family engagement and personalized learning.

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The Corner CAFE Podcast: MELLFIN

Episode #104

Guests: Young-chan Han, Nikevia Thomas, Jessica Webster

Nikevia and Jessica host Young-chan Han, a family engagement trailblazer, to discuss strategies for increasing family engagement in Maryland and Pennsylvania communities. Young-chan shares her immigrant journey and highlights the importance of equitable family engagement in education, offering practical steps for schools to support English Learners and immigrant families.

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The Corner CAFE Podcast: Jenny Portillo-Nacu

Episode #103

Guests: Jenny Portillo-Nacu, Nikevia Thomas, Jessica Webster

In this episode we're joined by MAEC's own Jenny Portillo-Nacu, Senior Education Equity Specialist to learn about building families' capacity and learning when it comes to supporting Multilingual Learner communities.

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The Corner CAFE Podcast: NAFSCE

Episode #102

Guests: Sherri Wilson, Nikevia Thomas, Jessica Webster

On this episode, we meet with Sherri Wilson, Senior Director of Training and Engagement, at the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE). NAFSCE's mission is to advance high-impact policies and practices for family, school, and community engagement to promote child development and improve student achievement.

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The Corner CAFE Podcast: Parent Teacher Home Visits

Episode #101

Guests: Tyler Post, Yesenia Ramirez, Nikevia Thomas, Jessica Webster

Join us for our inaugural Corner CAFE podcast as we meet with two experts from Parent Teacher Home Visits. Parent Teacher Home Visits is a powerful family engagement strategy that aims to create strong bonds between homes and schools centered around shared hopes and dreams.

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Racial Diversity in the Teacher Workforce

Episode # 102

Guests: Karmen Rouland, Kyair Butts, Ceronne Daly, Jacqueline Greer

Karmen Rouland, MAEC's Vice President, addresses issues and barriers faced in recruiting and retaining teachers of color. Kyair Butts, Ceronne Daly & Jacqueline Greer provide their insight and how they’ve worked to remove those barriers for improved teacher diversity.

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