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EquiTable, bringing equity to the table

EquiTable Podcast

Bringing equity to the table

EquiTable is the Center for Education equity’s (CEE) podcast series. EquiTable’s goal is to bring awareness to topics related to equitable education to educators, parents and school districts. It provides space for an honest discussion about the numerous and interconnected causes of inequity in education. Each episode allows rigorous discourse on varying solutions from professionals and community members in the field. The EquiTable conversations accompany the CEE’s Exploring Equity Issues, a monthly newsletter that takes on one aspect of education equity a month. Each newsletter comes with additional resources including a research paper and blog post.

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Racial Diversity in the Teacher Workforce

Episode # 102

Guests: Karmen Rouland, Kyair Butts, Ceronne Daly, Jacqueline Greer

Summary text - Karmen Rouland, MAEC's Vice President, addresses issues and barriers faced in recruiting and retaining teachers of color. Kyair Butts, Ceronne Daly & Jacqueline Greer provide their insight and how they’ve worked to remove those barriers for improved teacher diversity.

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