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Webinar Recording -Take Good Care: Prioritizing Teacher & Student Well-Being

In this webinar, teachers and students reflected on their challenges, unmet needs, and mental wellness during COVID-19. Mental wellness and social-emotional learning experts examined how to integrate wellness into school and district culture to support students and teachers, with the goal to reimagine the future of mental wellness after COVID. This webinar featured MAEC’s new… Read More »

Practitioner’s Perspective – Mental Wellness for Teachers and Students (Marianna Stepniak)

Photo of Marianna Stepniak

Content Specialist Marianna Stepniak describes MAEC’s work in developing mental wellness resources and underscores the value of incorporating social-emotional learning alongside academic learning.   Where did the idea for MAEC’s mental wellness resources come from? We first started discussing our mental wellness resources in June 2020. That month, it felt like everything came to a… Read More »

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Practitioner’s Perspective – Equitable Leadership for Superintendents (Daryl Williams)

Daryl Williams

MAEC’s Dr. Daryl Williams reflects on the need for equity-centered leadership and the three necessary components for working toward equity in a school district.   Tell us about the importance of providing diversity, equity, and inclusion training for superintendents and district leaders.   Many superintendents are being called upon to create diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks… Read More »

Practitioner’s Perspective: The Need for Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

Nyla Bell's staff photo

MAEC’s Senior Equity Specialist, Nyla Bell, reflects on her experiences with culturally responsive teaching practices and makes the case for the need to incorporate culturally responsive pedagogy in all schools.   How does culturally responsive pedagogy support students of color? To quote Gloria Ladson-Billings, culturally responsive teaching is just good teaching. One major reason why culturally… Read More »

Webinar Recording – How to Teach Culturally Responsive Social Studies When Everything Is Controversial

Did you miss our webinar on How to Teach Culturally Responsive Social Studies When Everything Is Controversial? Check it out here!

Webinar Recording – Recovering from the Pandemic

Watch or re-watch  our latest webinar where we teamed up with the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, and the American Institutes for Research.

MAEC’s Recent Book Chapter: Using Social-Emotional Learning and Literacy Tools to Bridge the Gap During and Beyond COVID-19

Learning the alphabet at home with her mom, black mother and child

MAEC staff recently authored a chapter in Handbook of Research on Supporting Social and Emotional Development Through Literacy Education about our work with the Collaborative Action for Family Engagement during summer 2020. MAEC’s Marianna Stepniak and Susan Shaffer, working with psychologist Seth Shaffer, explored the resources and tools that MAEC developed through its Family Room webinar series and Learning at Home newsletters.… Read More »

Practitioner’s Perspective: Data Collection in a Post-COVID World

Kasia Razynska

MAEC’s Director of Evaluation, Kasia Razynska, examines how her work has changed during COVID-19, identifies her concerns for the 2021-2022 school year, and makes the case for a new system of data collection and analysis in K-12 schools.   How did your work change during COVID-19? In the past two years, some of the academic… Read More »

MAEC’s Reads: September 2021


Welcoming the new school means welcoming more opportunities to learn, grow, and read! MAEC staff is committed to excellence and equity, at work and beyond. Reading helps us to explore our content areas and strengthen our capacity to be the best leaders and organizers we can be.

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