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The Practitioner’s Perspective: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Immigrant Students

          The Center for Education Equity (CEE) at MAEC is inviting members of our advisory board, partners, and other colleagues to share their views on current equity issues. Their opinions do not necessarily reflect CEE’s views or those of the Department of Education.   By Lisa Tabaku Center for Education Equity… Read More »

Spotlight on ESSA and Family Engagement

Happy family at MD PIRC event

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has put a much-needed spotlight on family engagement. Advocates for parent and community engagement see the newly revised federal ESSA as an opportunity to expand their impact on states’ academic goals, plans for school improvement, and other areas of policy. The new law, like NCLB, requires districts to set aside one… Read More »


Flordia state with a heart rainbow colored with a #weareorlando

The MAEC family wishes to extend our condolences, support, and solidarity to the families who lost loved ones in Orlando. We may never fully understand the motivations of the shooter, but the victims were likely targeted because of their sexuality. This reminds us of the many LGBTQ students who are targeted in schools every day.… Read More »

History in the making for Hillary and for all women and girls!

Elizabeth and Seth Shaffer

By Susan Shaffer June 10, 2016 I have been working on gender equity issues for decades and the day that a woman became the presumptive nominee for president from a major party was monumental. This confirms that gender does not dictate potential, talent, or ability to serve in any capacity. As I watched Hillary Clinton’s… Read More »

Welcome to MAEC, or rather, welcome to the “new” MAEC

Cropped Susan Shaffer

By Susan Shaffer October 9, 2015 As summer ends, and the school year is underway, it seems a perfect time to reflect. I have been in education for a long time. As my calling and career, I have always believed that education is the key to ensuring equity and excellence for all students. The wisdom… Read More »

Banned books

Books in chains

By MAEC Staff October 7, 2015 This year, Banned Book Week ran from September 29 to October 3. In looking over the lists compiled by the American Library Association, we were struck by how some of our favorites appeared. As a staff, we took a moment to remember some of these books and their effects… Read More »

Now a majority: poverty and education in U.S. public schools

Nora Morales

By Nora Morales February 2, 2015 According to a 2013 federal data analysis, for the first time in 50 years, the majority of U.S. public school students come from low-income families. As educators, we must reflect on how poverty impacts children’s readiness to learn, access to healthcare, access to enrichment opportunities, and after school access… Read More »

Race Matters

Phoebe Schlanger

By Phoebe Schlanger April 25, 2014 I wish I had been sitting in the gallery of the Supreme Court earlier this week. Justice Sonia Sotomayor called most of her fellow justices “out of touch with reality.” This is not a usual occurrence at the Court. Michigan voters had adopted what is now Art. I, §26… Read More »

Looking forward, looking back

Word cloud

By Phoebe Schlanger February 28, 2014 This is going to be a year of anniversaries. Of course we will be discussing the Civil Rights Act, the War on Poverty, and Brown vs. Board of Education. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the 30th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh computer. What does this… Read More »

What’s wrong with being bossy?

Ted Talk: Sheryl Sandberg: Why we ha ve too few women leaders screenshot

by Susan Shaffer February 12, 2014 I have worked in educational equity for more than 40 years. I have an expertise in gender/multicultural issues. More than 40 years ago, Congress enacted Title IX to prohibit sex discrimination in education. Yet women still face a basic divide in our culture. Recently I was listening to a… Read More »

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