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the left half showing a mother helping her daughter at a table, the second half showing a father and son reading together

General Resources for Families

father working on the computer while looking at his son doing work on the floor

Below is a list of resources for families with students who are distance learning.

Tips for Families to Support their Child through COVID-19
Successful Innovations, Inc
A short video with tips for how families can support their children while at home. It is also available in Spanish!

6 Tips For Homeschooling During Coronavirus: Life Kit
National Public Radio
This resource includes tips for structuring the day, keeping kids engaged and everyone sane.

At-Home Early Math Learning Kit for Families
Development and Research in Early Math Education – Stanford University
This resource provides ideas for supporting young children’s math skills. The learning kit is available in English and Spanish.

9 African-Centered Curricula and Online Courses You Needed Yesterday!
My Reflection Matters
This resource provides nine African-based curricula and resources for families and teachers to supplement learning or to adopt as their core instructional curriculum when home-schooling.

Wonderopolis: Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease
National Center for Families Learning
Each day, they pose an intriguing question and explore it in a variety of ways.

List of resources that offer tips for families regarding talking to children about COVID-19, at-home activities and tips, and staying connected.


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