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Students with Limited Access to Technology

Father and daughter using a computer having fun

Distance learning requires substantial technological resources, and there are continued inequities around access to those resources. The resources below address distance-learning plans with multiple-access points for students.

Virtual Toolkit
Cedar Center at University of Florida
A collection of resources to ease the transition to online instruction.

Ensuring Equity in Online Learning – Considerations in Response to COVID-19’s Impact on Schooling
Intercultural Development Research Association
This article provides concrete suggestions for ensuring equity and access in online learning. It is available in English and Spanish.

Five Big Equity Ideas for Designing Distance Learning Opportunities
MAP Center
The Midwest and Plains (MAP) Equity Assistance Center suggests five equity considerations to make distance learning accessible for all students.

Keep It Simple, Schools
Educational Leadership
This resource suggests key strategies, based on Massachusetts’s remote learning plan, to ensure equity and engagement through enrichment and manageable projects.

Remote Learning and Digital Equity: Challenges and Opportunities
Tech & Learning
This resource highlights some of the challenges students and families face with remote learning and the ways that educators can help support digital equity.

Teaching Online Course
The Leading Equity Center
A step-by-step course to guide to launch and lead an equitable online classroom.

Live vs. tape-delayed: How two approaches to online learning change life for teachers and students
The Washington Post
Two school districts in Virginia take differing approaches to online instruction. One approach is asynchronous which may be more helpful to students without consistent access to online resources while the other is synchronous and helps provide consistent time for check-ins with students.

Online Schooling Has a Tech Issue that no Apps Can Fix
The Verge
Many students are having issues with access to technology, a stable internet connection or with transitioning to their new virtual learning environment. Teachers try to connect with students and celebrate small victories.

4 Tips for a Strong, Equitable Virtual Experience
Embracing Equity
This resource provides tips for facilitating a virtual experience that focuses on meaningful connections and equity-centered learning.





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