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the left half showing a mother helping her daughter at a table, the second half showing a father and son reading together

Students Experiencing Homelessness and Temporary Housing

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Students and families may be experiencing homelessness and/or living in temporary housing. These articles provide recommendations for connecting schools, homelessness service systems, and families.

Five Strategies to Help Homeless Youth Transition to College During COVID-19
School House Connection
This resource provides five strategies educators can utilize to help youth experiencing homelessness prepare for college.

Coronavirus shrinks a homeless child’s world to a 323-square-foot hotel room
The Washington Post (subscription required)
This article talks about some of the challenges children experiencing homelessness and living in an emergency shelter may experience during this pandemic.

COVID-19 and Homelessness: Strategies for Schools, Early Learning Programs, and Higher Education Institutions
School House Connection
This resource compilation provides strategies to meet the educational and service needs of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness
This webpage provides recommendations for homelessness services systems, schools, and other community partners about how to protect their staff, clients, and guests.

Homeless students rely on schools for more than an education. What now?
This resource shares how families and children experiencing homelessness are coping with strategies put in place by Chicago Public Schools.


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