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Trauma-Informed Family and Community Engagement

The current pandemic and social and political climate have affected the families and communities we serve in myriad ways - from widespread unemployment and food insecurity to violence and the deaths of loved ones. These types of traumatic experiences can have profound and lasting effects, especially for children. This webinar series explored trauma and the protective factors that help build resilience and counteract the adverse effects of trauma. In this webinar series viewers also saw how communities, schools, organizations and individuals around the country are using a trauma-informed lens to guide their work.

Trauma-Informed Family and Community Engagement, Part 3

Date of the event: July 22, 2020

Guests: Luke Braughler, Kristin Carothers, Amanda Ensor, Angela McMasters, Dana Milakovic, Karmen Rouland, Seth Shaffer, Kate Wasserman, and Sherri Wilson

Description - In this webinar, the Collaborative Action for Family Engagement Center, the Statewide Family Engagement Center for Maryland and Pennsylvania, highlighted the work regarding trauma-informed family engagement practices in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Panelists representing community-based organizations, school districts, and state education agencies discussed how their respective systems are working to address trauma and to increase teacher […]

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Trauma-Informed Family and Community Engagement, Part 2

Date of the event: July 01, 2020

Guests: Rebecca Honig, Elisabetta Giomo-James, Dana Livermont, and Sherri Wilson

Description - In our second webinar, we focused on how two organizations are putting the research on trauma-informed care into practice. First, the South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center shared information and takeaways from their trauma training module for educators and providers. Then, Ready4K, an evidence-based family engagement curriculum delivered via text messages, shared their tips for […]

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Trauma-Informed Family and Community Engagement: Part I

Date of the event: June 24, 2020

Guests: Angie Barfield, Rodney K. Lowery, Ardie Padilla, Amy Parks, Ashley C. Rojas, and Sherri Wilson,

Description - This webinar highlighted what ACEs are on a personal and community level, the importance of understanding the impacts of ACEs and the science behind adversity. Experts and activists from Fresno, CA’s Trauma and Resilience Network shared how their work focuses on engaging and supporting children and families in building resilience and beginning to heal the […]

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