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A national education conversation is underway on the impact of COVID-19 on student learning and how schools and districts are responding to this crisis. There are serious concerns regarding educational equity for all students; particularly for students from special populations (e.g., low-income, special needs, English Learners, students experiencing homelessness, etc.). In this series we have conversations with different groups of people directly impacted by the “new normal” to understand the effect that it has had on their lives and/or their educational experience.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Centering the Needs of Transgender and Non-binary Students at School

Date of the event: June 29, 2021

Guests: Marianna Stepniak, Michelle Nutter, Preston Heldibridle, Shiwali Patel, Ash, Clarie, Esmée, La' Tavia, Nic, Noah, Noe'aah, and Reed

Description - As anti-trans laws clash with Pride month, trans and non-binary students need advocates at school now more than ever. Following a brief introduction of gender identity terminology, and an overview of the recent Title IX regulations, this webinar focused on a discussion with our trans and non-binary youth panelists on what educators and administrators can […]

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Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month: A Conversation with Author Hena Khan

Date of the event: May 11, 2021

Guests: Young-chan Han, Hena Khan, and Marianna Stepniak

Description - Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with children’s book author Hena Khan, author of Amina’s Voice and It’s Ramadan, Curious George! This conversation, hosted by MAEC’s Collaborative Action for Family Engagement (CAFE),  included an interview with Ms. Khan, an interactive activity with the audience, and Q&A with the author.

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From Voices to Action: A Conversation with AAPI Families

Date of the event: April 28, 2021

Guests: Kevin Chhin, Stacy Huh, Dr. Ming Li, Dr. Hyeshin Park, Min Woo, Susan Shaffer, Young-chan Han, Marianna Stepniak, and Dannele Ferreras

Description - MAEC’s second webinar in the AAPI series brought together AAPI families to speak about their experiences navigating racism and bias during COVID-19. Interested in viewing the first AAPI webinar? Click here for more information.

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A Conversation With Latinx Families/Conversaciones con Familias Latinas

Date of the event: May 19, 2020

Guests: Gina Argotti, Maria Lopez, Islas Mendoza, Jeny Morayma Oliva, Maria del Carmen Romero, Norma Vasquez, and Johanny Euseblo de Almonte

Description - The COVID-19 crisis has forced students, parents, teachers and school administrators to think about education in a different manner. As a follow up to our webinar series that featured student and teacher voices, we hear from the Latinx community disproportionately impacted by this crisis. Latinx parents discuss how the global pandemic has affected their students’ […]

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African American, female teacher posing at the back of her classroom

A Conversation With Teachers

Date of the event: May 05, 2020

Guests: Kyair Butts, Julie Duffee, Jade Johnson, Kathie Johnson, Heather Polonsky, Devon Robbins, and Amber Williams

Description - The COVID-19 crisis has forced teachers to implement distance learning plans overnight. As a follow up to our Conversation with Students that featured voices nationwide from Portland (ME and OR) to Los Angeles, we  heard from practitioners about how the global pandemic has impacted their practice. We learned: what resources are available for all students, how teachers are […]

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highschool students sitting during a presentation

A Conversation With Students: How COVID-19 is Affecting their Educational Experience

Date of the event: April 14, 2020

Guests: 9 Students from all over the US

Description - A national education conversation has gotten underway on the impact of COVID-19 on student learning and how schools and districts are responding to this crisis. In this conversation we hear from the students themselves. Whereas educators from across the nation are focusing their efforts on providing an alternative learning experience to students via distance and […]

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