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MAEC’s Recent Book Chapter: Using Social-Emotional Learning and Literacy Tools to Bridge the Gap During and Beyond COVID-19

Learning the alphabet at home with her mom, black mother and child

MAEC staff recently authored a chapter in Handbook of Research on Supporting Social and Emotional Development Through Literacy Education about our work with the Collaborative Action for Family Engagement during summer 2020.
MAEC’s Marianna Stepniak and Susan Shaffer, working with psychologist Seth Shaffer, explored the resources and tools that MAEC developed through its Family Room webinar series and Learning at Home newsletters. These tools, developed in the summer 2020, aimed to meet students’ intersecting literacy and social-emotional needs during COVID-19. They explicitly address the needs of students and families from marginalized groups, considering race, gender, language, culture, socioeconomic status, and personalized learning needs.
Through the series, caregivers and educators learned how to enhance SEL and literacy skills through the use of technology and visual tools, common household items and experiments, and social justice literature. MAEC’s chapter, “Using Social-Emotional Learning and Literacy Tools to Bridge the Gap During and Beyond COVID-19,” shares behind-the-scenes insights into MAEC’s family, school, and community engagement approach; data gathering during COVID-19; and the choice to center social-emotional learning. This chapter is ideal for anyone who supports students’ social-emotional health and wants to develop strong literacy practices.

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