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MAEC Stands Against Racism  

MAEC stands against racism

MAEC was founded as a social justice organization. We stand against White supremacy. We oppose racism against Black and Brown people. We will not stay silent when it comes to racial injustice. We rededicate and reaffirm our commitment. Our staff proudly proclaims… We listen. We educate. We vote. MAEC acts against systemic racism.


Dear MAEC Community,

The recent murders of George Floyd and so many others are a painful demonstration of the systemic racism and entrenched injustice that infects our country. After close to 50 years as an educator, I am outraged by these acts of violence. Enough is enough.

For me this is not a political issue, but rather the stark and pivotal moral question of who we want to be as a nation. What kind of future do we want for our children and grandchildren? The last three months have been incredibly challenging for the whole world. Trying to begin to address these injustices during a pandemic seems overwhelming. But we have no choice. We must take action with our black and brown brothers and sisters and work together to achieve justice and equity. I fear we will loose our democracy if we are indifferent and do not act now. And while I admit that I hardly recognize our world today, if there is one thing that I have learned throughout my life, it is that if we all do our parts, we will get through this crisis together.

I reaffirm that MAEC will continue to fight against systemic racism because we believe without a question that every single person deserves to be treated equitably. MAEC will continue to be passionately committed to eliminating barriers to educational equity, because we know that education is key to ending cyclical poverty. And MAEC will continue to train and work with educators and families because although we may not come from the same backgrounds, we should all have access to the opportunities to thrive.

Whatever part you can play, we hope that you will join us to move this country forward.

Please be well stay safe, and spread love and compassion.

Susan Shaffer
President, MAEC



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