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Statement on this week’s Supreme Court Decisions

June 30, 2023

This week, the Supreme Court made disturbing decisions regarding Affirmative Action, LGBTQIA+ rights, and student loan forgiveness. The justifications for these decisions provide a false notion of what is equitable by ignoring the conditions and well-being of our communities. They promote a mindset shift where inequity is not only acceptable but legitimized and supported.

For our K-12 educators, families, and students, yesterday’s decision sends a message that the knowledge and experiences of those most affected by inequity isn’t valued or wanted in learning and in our democracy. It enables institutions to ignore our country’s history that foster these disparities and struggles.

These decisions remove the assurance from families and parents that their child is receiving the necessary support to thrive. They open the door for individuals with religious objections to deny services and/or support to LGBTQIA+ students, endangering their well-being by hindering their access to healthcare, resources, or even dignity. This decision, framed under the guise of free speech and religious freedom, relies on the silencing of one community for the benefit of another. That is not free speech for all. Our schools are supposed to be places where all students are safe with opportunities to learn and grow.

There are no bystanders when it comes to justice for all. We must continue to employ culturally responsive practices, keep education equity at the forefront, and unite with families and communities, working together to increase our collective agency to reach our desired outcomes. The mission of MAEC, as a social justice organization, has never been more important and we remain committed to continuing the fight for equity.


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