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Statement on the Mob Attack on the U.S. Capitol

Capitol building

We watched in horror as domestic terrorists attempted a coup on our nation’s capitol. Systemic racism and White supremacy enabled insurrectionists to break into the capitol. Law enforcement practiced restraint against domestic terrorists in a way that we did not see when Black Lives Matter protestors gathered legally this summer. Had the mob been people of color, we know that the consequences for their actions would have been deadly. As Dr. Edward Brockenborough said: “Blackness is presumed violent, hence the heavy policing at BLM protests. Whiteness is presumed innocent and righteous, hence the inadequate protection of Congress.”We condemn the violent coup attempt and calls for sedition led by government officials. At MAEC, we strive to dismantle structural and systemic barriers so all students can achieve. The events illustrate the importance of our work now more than ever. We know that many of you are educators. Now is another time to talk to your students about how to address these issues.


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