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Advancing Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity Playbook

Advancing Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity Playbook: A Guide for Administrators


In this guide you will find:

  • A planning guide to building the right team and creating an integration plan
  • Ways to develop a Data Inquiry Cycle and Theory of Action
  • Implementation and refinement strategies
  • MAEC’s Equity Audit tool and integration models

About Advancing Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity Playbook:

  • While U.S. public education is experiencing an increase in student body size and diversity, there is also an increase in racial and socioeconomic isolation. Participation rates among White students are decreasing as rates among Latine and Asian American and Pacific Islander students increase, and Black student participation rates hold steady. Schools, districts, and communities must be prepared to address these two forms of segregation to ensure equity and success for all students.
  • Advancing Racial & Socioeconomic Diversity Playbook provides a comprehensive integration planning guide with tools to help build inclusive teams, analyze segregation in your district, and refine plans. The planning guide and worksheets offer teams opportunities to review racial and socioeconomic issues side-by-side and together.
  • The Playbook is supplemented by MAEC’s Equitable Access: Case studies on reducing racial isolation through socioeconomic integration which presents different approaches, considerations, plans, and results.



This guide was developed by the Center for Education Equity at MAEC through a partnership between MAEC and WestEd. Writers and developers of the materials were: Terrence J. Hofer, Ed.D., WestEd, and Susan Shaffer and Phoebe Schlanger, MAEC.

With appreciation to:

  • Velma Cobb, Ed.D., CPCC, ACC | Touro College & University System
  • Arlen Benjamin-Gomez | Columbia University School of Law
  • Pamela Mathews, M. Ed.


More on socioeconomic integration from the Center for Education Equity at MAEC:

  • Equitable Access: Case studies on reducing racial isolation through socioeconomic integration
    Provides education leadership teams at the school and district level with examples of district socioeconomic integration efforts in New York, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas. These examples draw from and serve as a supplement to MAEC’s Advancing Racial & Socioeconomic Diversity Playbook, sharing detailed information on the circumstances surrounding the effort, the integration plan, monitoring changes, and the impact on the community.
  • Promoting School Equity: Lessons from the Socioeconomic Integration Community of Practice
    MAEC’s Center for Education Equity (CEE) convened a community of practice for school districts that wanted to pursue socioeconomic integration or improve their existing integration plans. Through the work of this CoP, CEE developed three goals for districts pursuing a socioeconomic integration plan to commit to.
  • Socioeconomic Integration and Student Achievement
    This webinar is intended for all educators who want to learn about transforming their schools into socially inclusive learning environments by embracing socioeconomic integration. Hear about schools and districts that have been successful, and learn about CEE’s vision to boost student achievement by applying an equity perspective to this process.

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