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MAEC renewed as the Region I Equity Assistance Center

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MAEC is thrilled to announce that it was recently awarded the Region I Equity Assistance Center by the U.S. Department of Education. The Center for Education Equity (CEE) provides technical assistance and training services to public schools and other agencies, in collaboration with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), SRI International, and WestEd. CEE builds on MAEC’s 30+ year track record of developing and implementing successful applications of evidenced-based strategies and capacity building to produce long-term change and increase outcomes for all students regardless of race, sex/gender identity, religion, and national origin.

“We are honored that MAEC can continue its work as a national champion of educational equity. As the home for the Region I Equity Assistance Center, we can provide a systemic, holistic approach to developing solutions that are sustainable, effective, and equitable,” says Susan Shaffer, President of MAEC.

In its last cycle, MAEC’s Center for Education Equity led 483 technical assistance projects, partnering with schools, districts, and SEAs in all 15 Region I states and territories, serving nearly 10 million students. CEE will continue to provide a multi-tiered system of equity-focused services to build the capacity of educator leaders and school community members. Our universal services ensure public access to evidence-based practices through resources such as webinars, publications, and newsletters. Our targeted services provide short-term technical assistance and trainings prioritizing serving underrepresented populations. We lead communities of practice, coaching, facilitated virtual learning opportunities, and strategic convenings. Our intensive services support school or district transformation using a multistep process, including a needs assessment, goal setting, technical assistance planning, implementation, and evaluation.

We invite you to consider how MAEC and the Center for Education Equity can support your organization’s pursuit of educational equity. Please explore our website to learn more about the resources and services that can support you in your organization’s equity efforts.


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