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MAEC’s Equity Audit

MAEC's Equity Audit


In this tool you will find:

  • Criteria for an Equitable School
  • Criteria for an Equitable Classroom
  • Teacher Behaviors that Encourage Student Persistence
  • Questions addressing virtual learning and the COVID-19 pandemic (new in 2021)

About the Equity Audit:

  • MAEC developed its Equity Audit to offer districts, schools, and teachers a way to develop a more concrete understanding of what it means to practice equity, and reflect on whether current school policies, procedures and practices are equitable. Unlike a regular organizational audit, MAEC’s Equity Audit critically examines policies, programs, and practices that directly or indirectly impact students or staff relative to their race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, color, disability, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, or other socio-culturally significant factors. These tools are meant to provide a birds-eye view of various aspects of equity and highlight many systemic barriers to equity that might exist.
  • If you have not used an equity audit before, please refer to MAEC’s An Equity Audit: Is It Your Future?
  • It’s important to remember that the equity audit provides a starting point in evaluating your institution’s current state concerning equity. Once you receive the initial data from this tool, it might be necessary to investigate your system further to better understand different constituents’ individual experiences with additional data collections.
  • For guidance on next steps after completing an equity audit, please contact MAEC.

What is different about the 2021 version of the tool compared to previous versions? We significantly revised the tool based on feedback from practitioners and researchers, and in light of the new realities faced by schools due to COVID-19. Additionally, we revised the scale for rating each item from a two-point scale to a four-point scale. Expanding the scale allows for a more thorough look at where each entity is in regards to equity.

Note: The Equity Audit is going through an external review and validaton process, and as a result of this review the language may change. The evaluation process is expected to end by the early part of 2021. In addition, this tool is still undergoing WCAG 2.0 compliance edits. If you need an accessible version please email us.

Download MAEC's Equity Audit

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