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CEE Webinar – Engaging EL and Immigrant Families

2017 Webinar Series
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2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

In last month’s Exploring Equity Issues, we discussed “Promoting a Welcoming Environment for Immigrant Students.” We highlighted the important role that schools play in the achievement of immigrant and EL students. In part 2, we discuss the important role that schools play in working with immigrant parents to support their children’s learning.

The families of immigrant students face multiple challenges in partnering with schools regarding their children’s learning and in improvement efforts. Educators can assist immigrant families to develop the skills necessary to more effectively navigate the American public school system. First and foremost, schools must create a welcoming environment that encourages EL and immigrant families to engage in their children’s learning and build shared decision-making. Schools must also encourage these families to play a broader part in designing and implementing new reform and restructuring strategies.

This webinar will provide tools and strategies for engaging EL and immigrant families in their children’s learning from state, district, school, community-based, and family-led organization perspectives.


In this webinar participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about the Stages of Immigrant Parent Involvement Framework” which provides educators with an understanding of the diverse needs of families of English Learners
  • Learn about specific engagement strategies that states, districts, and schools can use to effectively create family-school partnerships to improve student learning.
  • Understand the advantages of, and gain skills, for partnering with immigrant, community-based, and family-led organizations that have developed trusting relationships with families from diverse backgrounds to increase engagement in their children’s learning.

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Diana Autin, Executive Co-Director, Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)

Young-Chan Han, Family Involvement Specialist Division of Student, Family, and School Support, Maryland State Department of Education

Jennifer Love, Family Engagement Specialist, Office of Interpreting and Translation/Office of Diversity, Prince George’s County Public Schools


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