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Introducing CAFE TEA

CAFE’s Technology Equity and Access (CAFE TEA) committee is composed of MD Advisory Council members representing concerned leaders from public and private schools, state and local library systems, and school parent associations. Their goals are to help families connect to technology, hardware, and software by removing barriers to equitable access; and to empower parents, students, and communities to form social capital networks that promote digital connection, collaboration, and a greater sense of community in a safe and responsible manner.

In support of committee goals, the team is creating a guidance and resource document to introduce families to the work of CAFE TEA, but also to provide guided entry into comprehensive information on topics, such as Gaining Access, Online Safety, Inclusivity, Resources available at Public Libraries, and Other Community Resources.  This guiding resource will be available to families and educators later this year.


Submitted by the Technology Equity and Access Subcommittee from the Maryland CAFE Advisory Council.



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