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General Resources

A Guide to School for Families of English Learners – MSDE (Español)

Se elaboró la Guía escolar para familias de estudiantes de inglés para ayudarlo a entender el sistema escolar, además de ofrecerle sugerencias sobre cómo interactuar con el personal de la escuela para apoyar el aprendizaje de su hijo. Esta guía brinda información sobre las escuelas públicas de Maryland, incluido cómo inscribir a un niño en […]

General Resources

Dual Capacity Building Framework – Karen Mapp

Dr. Karen Mapp describes and introduces the concept of Dual Capacity Building Framework. This Framework should be seen as a compass, laying out the goals and conditions necessary to chart a path toward effective family engagement efforts that are linked to student achievement and school improvement. Also included is a website for practitioners to learn […]

General Resources

Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit

The toolkit has information that helps you have money conversations with the people you serve. Use the tools to help achieve goals and work through challenges.

General Resources

Money as you Grow: Help for Parents and Caregivers

Suggested age-appropriate activities for parents and caregivers to help young children to college age youth develop financial literacy.

General Resources

How To Teach Kids About Money from Toddlers to Teens

Money is an essential topic to start teaching your child(ren) about at a young age. Read and learn about these tips on how to best educate your child(ren) about budgeting, saving and more.

General Resources

Parenting Strategies during COVID-19

MAEC asked Dr. Seth Shaffer, child psychologist, to offer practical parenting strategies to assist families to get through these challenging times. If you have a question for Dr. Shaffer, please submit it in the link below.

General Resources

Learning at Home Newsletters (All of the newsletters)

Take a look at our archives of our Learning at Home Newsletters available from May 2020-August 2020.


Maryland School Choice Roadmap

Trying to find a good school for your child(ren) in Maryland? Take a look at the various options you have in this webpage.


MD Family Engagement Summit Webinar Series

The 2020 Maryland Family Engagement Summit Webinar Series included five engaging virtual events on the second Thursday of every month until December 2020. Each webinar featured national and local experts who shared research-based strategies designed to meet the educational needs of diverse student populations, their families and communities. The year’s theme was: “Small Changes for […]


PA Family Engagement Framework (for Families)

This document is a companion piece to The Pennsylvania Family Engagement Birth through College, Career, Community Ready Framework. The original Framework was created for principals, teachers and other educators. This companion document is written for you—a family member. These two docum ents together were developed by PDE to explain the standards for creating strong, equal […]

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