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Essential Approaches for Excellence & Sustainable School System Transformation
Equity - Centered Capacity Building Cover

This journal by the Equity-Centered Capacity Building Network (ECCBN) addresses systems capacity building approaches that drive both equity and excellence. ECCBN’s mission is to increase the visibility and impact of capacity-building approaches that promote deep and sustainable school and system change. ECCBN is a cadre of national experts uniting their efforts to share resources and strategies. The Network:

  • Seeks to promote evidence-based approaches to equity, quality, cultural responsiveness and partnerships with students and communities;
  • Believes that system capacity-building methods that drive equity and excellence can overcome the most daunting challenges education, students and communities face; and
  • Has seen that students of color and those from families with modest means can excel academically, socially and personally when whole systems are transformed to focus on equity and excellence.

Read the journal online or download the PDF.


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