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There has been an increase in the number of incidences regarding racism and bigotry. Educators may not be equipped to help children process these events and make sense of the changing world around them. In this webinar, educators and parents will gain an understanding of how the construct of race is developed in young children.… Read More »

Ensuring a safe and inclusive school environment for LGBTQ students webinar

How can we affirm and support LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or queer) students and their families in schools? Although a lot of progress has been made in shifting public opinion in the last decade, LGBTQ students still face high incidents of bullying, harassment, and discrimination. What can educators do to support these students… Read More »

Socioeconomic Integration and Student Achievement

Students thrive when they learn in both culturally and economically diverse environments. Is your district struggling with segregation issues that undermine the achievement of your students? This webinar is intended for all educators who want to learn about transforming their schools into socially inclusive learning environments by embracing socioeconomic integration. Hear about schools and districts… Read More »

CEE webinar - Facilitating Family - School Partnerships: Engaging Immigrants and English Learner Families in their Children's Learning

The families of immigrant students face multiple challenges in partnering with schools regarding their children’s learning and in improvement efforts. Educators can assist immigrant families to develop the skills necessary to more effectively navigate the American public school system. First and foremost, schools must create a welcoming environment that encourages EL and immigrant families to… Read More »

Religious Liberties webinar

Students must be free from religious bias. The issue of the appropriate role of religion in the public schools continues to be the subject of great controversy. School officials, parents, and students — as well as lawyers and judges — wrestle with these questions every day. Decision makers must address many competing demands. They need… Read More »

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The first in the Center for Education’s (CEE) 2017 Webinar Series, this webinar addresses the importance of effective teachers when it comes to student achievement and the lack of access students from low-income families and students of color have to effective teachers. This webinar provides an overview of the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders… Read More »

Part of MAEC’s Boosting Success for 21st Century Learners Webinar Series, this webinar explores effective best practices for state and district-wide systems of support by providing an overview of district/school transformation leadership research, the MTSS-Maryland Framework, and case studies from DC, Cecil, Prince George’s, and Worcester County Public Schools. This session was originally held on March… Read More »

Part of MAEC’s Boosting Success for 21st Century Learners Webinar Series, presenters in this webinar discuss the Framework for Raising Expectations and Instructional Rigor for English Language Learners and how the School District of Philadelphia has used this framework, dubbed ELD 2.0, to clarify the goals and re-design their instructional program for ELLs. This session was originally held… Read More »

Part of MAEC’s Boosting Success for 21st Century Learners Webinar Series, this webinar shares lessons learned from research and field experiences, illustrated by apt and eye-opening examples of how the failure to consider students’ contexts in designing assessments and assessment practices can result in wrong conclusions about student learning. This session was originally held on… Read More »

Part of MAEC’s Boosting Success for 21st Century Learners Webinar Series, this webinar provides participants with an overview of research concerning school climate and connectedness, tools to assess current school climate, and resources to create and maintain a positive school climate. This session was originally held on September 25, 2012. Presenter:  Michelle Nutter, Safe and Supportive… Read More »

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