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Celebrating Asian Pacific Islanders

The experiences, history and contributions of Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander descent should be recognized, honored, and celebrated. As an organization devoted to serving educators and education professionals, MAEC encourages educators and students to take time to expand their knowledge and awareness of the experiences and history of Asian Pacific Islanders, and to build their capacity to nurture that awareness amongst their peers, and the communities and/or students they serve. There are many great free resources available to get started, some of which are listed below. 

We must also acknowledge the rise in hate incidents against Asians and Asian Americans since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This rise is fueled by both a long history of anti-Asian xenophobia and racism, and recent misleading and stigmatizing references to COVID-19 as a China or Chinese virus. Physical violence against Asians and Asian Americans is illegal and verbal attacks create an atmosphere of fear. MAEC condemns these hateful actions as they are harmful to our democracy and threaten our shared ideals of peace and justice. 

Please remember that COVID-19 affects everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, and national origin. MAEC remains deeply committed to equity, and we condemn any form of hate and bias against Asians and Asian Americans.

Report Hate Incidents Against Asians and Asian Americans

Learn More About the American Heritage of Asian American Pacific Islanders


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